Stuffed Turkey Breast with Apple & Sausage Stuffing

With the holiday in full swing lets take a look at a simple recipe that can be created using any wild of domestic turkey. This recipe came to me when I was asked by a magazine if I could create “Thanksgiving in a single bite”. At first I was trying to think what this meant, I mean I could add all the flavors of Thanksgiving … Continue reading Stuffed Turkey Breast with Apple & Sausage Stuffing

Top 10 Gift Ideas for that outdoors folk in your life!

With Christmas upon us next week you still have time to buy that gift for your special someone in your life that loves the outdoors, hunting and cooking. So here are my top 10 gift ideas for that outdoors man or woman in your life. Below you will find links back to their pages as well in some cases links to Amazon where you can … Continue reading Top 10 Gift Ideas for that outdoors folk in your life!

Irish Venison Stew & Homemade Soda Bread

I love being Irish and one of the best things about being Irish is the food. I hear from people all the time that Irish food is bland or they don’t like it. It confuses me because I’ve never eaten a bland Irish dish. that being said lets jump right onto the emerald green shore and enjoy this traditional Irish stew. Now I subbed out the … Continue reading Irish Venison Stew & Homemade Soda Bread

Smoked Wild Ham & Split Pea Soup

With the holidays upon us we are always looking for easy tasty recipes to make using our leftovers. With this split pea soup recipe you can take that left over ham bone and create a stunning dish with little to no effort on your part. Being a stay at home dad easy is better when it comes to dinner and easy to me means my … Continue reading Smoked Wild Ham & Split Pea Soup

Pheasant Tortilla Soup

After a long day walking in the fields what better way to celebrate your successful hunt then with delicious home cooked meal from your hard earned bounty? Pheasant hunting has to be one of my favorite hunts from the crisp early mornings to the dogs hitting hard point on those beautiful roosters. Not only do I love hunting them but I love eating them more. If … Continue reading Pheasant Tortilla Soup

Venison & Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

Fall is finally here and the temperatures are dropping fast. College and professional football are in full swing. Most of us are spending our days in tree stands, freezing in duck blinds or spot and stalking. The last thing in your mind is coming home after a long day in the field and creating a delicious dinner, Right? Here is a recipe that takes little … Continue reading Venison & Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

Wild Turkey Bone Stock & Broth

Wild Turkey Bone Stock: With turkey season in full swing nation wide lets look beyond the normal recipes and talk about the so called discarded parts of this amazing game bird. I was watching a hunting program this morning and the host, a big name hunter showed you how to “Breast out” your turkey. He then took the rest of  the bird and tossed it … Continue reading Wild Turkey Bone Stock & Broth