Drunken Wild Game Fries & Guinness Gravy

Yesterday was National Beer day and what better way to celebrate than with some good old pub grub. This recipe pairs perfectly with any red wild game meat you have. I’ve cooked this recipe with Venison, elk, bear and wild sheep. The slow cooker breaks down the meat and it becomes tender and juicy. Also for those of you worried about the beer that goes … Continue reading Drunken Wild Game Fries & Guinness Gravy

Smoked Wild Game Hearts

Slowly I pull the heart from my deer and carefully remove it from its protective sack, my hunting buddies look at me and ask…. “Why are you saving that?” I get that question asked to me more times than not, and asked by veteran lifelong hunters. My simple and truthful answer is always “To eat it.”    Where did we lose our taste for the … Continue reading Smoked Wild Game Hearts