Female Hunters: Tasting Wild Podcast with special guests Julie McQueen, Jessica Taylor & Lauren Hill-Lesagonicz-

As a father of two amazing daughters I strive to show my daughters that they can do anything they want. That just because they are girls this doesn’t mean they can’t get out there and compete with the boys. One of the areas I try to show my girls that they can do it and be great at it is hunting. When I take my 5 year old out in the field with me I get looks of “really” and words I dare no repeat. I hear from many fathers of daughters and female hunters alike that they to hear these negative comments.

But within the hunting industry itself this idea of female hunters is actually exploding. Female hunters are showing up on more shows, magazines and social media feeds than ever before. Some of these females are representing the industry and females in a negative light. Giving the haters and nay Sayers more ammo against us as an industry and girls who hunt.

I have found three ladies whom I feel represent the females of the industry in a positive light. Three females that I show to my daughters as role models. These ladies don’t just live respect and dignity on the field but off it as well.

In this episode of Tasting Wild, Joel the home cookin hunter and myself will be talking to these three ladies. Having these three powerhouses answer real questions from real girls in the hunting world. I won’t get into much about them because you’ll hear their stories on the podcast. But below you’ll find their pictures and link back to their sites.



Jules McQueen: One of the first females in our industry. A true example of what perseverance and hard work can get you. Find out more click here <- Find her on Twitter @Juliemcqueen  Instagram @Julesmcqueen



Jessica Taylor: Jessica is a prime example of where our industry is headed. She is a strong, smart and respectful hunter. One I hope my daughters look up to. Find out more click here <- Find her on Twitter & Instagram @followherarrow


Lauren Hill-Lesagonicz: Mother of three beautiful daughters, hunter, fisher and owner of Reel Camo Girls. Find out more click here  <- find her on Twitter & Instagram @reelcamogirl
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A big thanks again for these three taking the time to talk to us and for getting real. I can’t wait for the next generation of female hunter to take over and truly change how we view females with out industry and the World.

Jeremiah Doughty

From Field To Plate


3 thoughts on “Female Hunters: Tasting Wild Podcast with special guests Julie McQueen, Jessica Taylor & Lauren Hill-Lesagonicz-

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    Check out our Podcast! Great stuff on Female Hunters. Thanks to all who participated.

    Search for Tasting Wild on iTunes, Stitcher, Google play & Tune In Radio.


  2. Reblogged this on Courtney Starns and commented:
    I always enjoy hearing from other ladies in the hunting world, and I think this podcast covers a lot of great information! Not to mention, the ladies speaking are all very incredible women!

    When you’re finished with the podcast, check out Jeremiah’s blog. He has TONS of great recipes, and I promise you will be hungry after scrolling through!

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