Tasting wild 

This wild game journey started almost 5 years ago for me. A journey of self realization and discovery. I found myself watching every hunting program and wanting more. I would read the magazines, flipping through all the grip and grin pictures and gear reviews looking for something different. I came to the conclusion that the hunting industry focused to much on the prep and hunt itself, leaving out the real reason why many of us hunt… MEAT. 


I wanted to change this, change people’s perception of who we as hunters are. We are not mindless killing machines longing to fill our walls with decapitated forest creatures. We are not those who desire only a deer that breaks all state records. No, Our end goal should be that of substant and nourishment. 

So I started running with this idea of From Field To Plate, taking the farmers stance on food. The idea of being the only hands that touch your food. Looking at hunting not as a hunt for hunts sake, but a hunt for foods sake. Knowing where your meat came from, who’s hands, who’s machines and how that animal lived. Using this simple pattern I started not knowingly creating a name for myself. 


I found myself being supported and surrounded with likeminded individuals within the realm of hunting and cooking. I started forming life long friendships via social media. These new friends spaned all over the world and within our own country. We started sharpening each other’s skills, challenging one another to be better. Talking about how there needed to be a revolution in hunt and harvest. 

One idea we all shared was starting a podcast. A different kind of podcast, one that brought together all the knowledge we had gathered. Somewhere we could dive deeper into this idea of being different within a culture were everyone is viewed as the same. So I hand picked a couple gentlemen who I felt shared this same idea and passion for change and stared talking about this podcast. 

We came up with the name “Tasting Wild” because it means so much more than just taking a bite. This idea of Tasting Wild comes from all our passion and love for the outdoors. When a man has been in prisoned for years and is finally released its said he is “Tasting Freedom.” 

Wesbters has many different meanings for the word tasting. One of those meanings explains that when we are tasting sometime we use all of our 5 senses. We smell, taste, touch, hear and see what is before us. If I was to ask you to discribe your favorite meal, your mind would start to recall all aspects of that meal. First you’d visualize that meal, remember the way it looked as it sat in front of you, the ingredients, plating and colors. You’d remember the way it smelt the aroma of all the spices. The way it felt on your tounge as a ufouria of flavors cascade across your palate. The sound of the crunch or snap as each bite causes a chain reaction of mind blowing purportions. You’ve just used all 5 senses to recall and re taste a moment within your mind.

Now think back to a time you shot your first animal and all those same emotions and senses are used. You are again getting a taste of your expericane through memory. This is why we named our podcast “Tasting Wild” because we want to relive every minute from the moment you get that tag to the moment you sit down to enjoy the meal you received from filling that said tag. 


This is our first podcast. The first time we have all talked together. We phoned in from all over the country excited and share our common goals, stories and excperiance of tasting wild in our own words. I can’t wait to grow with these gentlemen and others in the future. Things can only get better as we discuss and talk about topics that are close to our hearts. Hunting, fishing and of course EATING!  

Below you I’ll find link to the podcast as well as the guys who helped voice this 1st podcast..

Tasting Wild Podcast 

Joel Lickliter: Home cookin hunter

Randy King:  Chef In the wild

John Wallace: Wild Game creations 


2 thoughts on “Tasting wild 

  1. I absolutely love this post!! It’s so true, hunters are not mindless killers, every single person I know does it to have meat in the freezer, I wish more people understood that.

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