The three F’s

In life there are 3 simple words to live for! These 3 words are the most important words I can speak and live for! First word is….


Faith, a word that has been apart of me since the day I was born! My parents and grandparents raised me in a Godly home. A home where church was not an option, it was a choice. My parents showed my siblings and I how to love our Heavenly Father. How to share our faith. My parents never told me I could not when it came to the area of faith. I was in junior high and asked to go to Mexico on a mission trip and they said go. When I was in high school i asked to go on another 4 trips around the world and they said.. Go.. When I was in college and I told them I was going to more countries they said Go!

Now that I am a parent of my own girls I am also showing them what a Christian is supposed to look like. That our faith is defined by what we do and not what we say. When we are asked to do something in the area of faith our response should be like my parents…. GO!!!!

The next word is.


Family, not just the one you are born into but also the one you choose to surround yourself with. It always amazes me to see the people whom you consider family, it’s not always the blood ones. Growing up in a household with two sets of kids I kinda felt like the Brady bunch, A suburban full of kids and screaming. Our house had a door never closed policy. Any friend could come over at anytime my mother always said “our family is your family” there was never a meal around our table that was not shard by at least two friends or friends of friends or friends families. Surround yourself with those whom need love and In turn you’ll be loved.


If you know me, then you know I love food. Not just the act of eating, but the act of creating food! I love to cook. Cooking a meal is like painting a picture or singing a song, anyone can do it with a little practice and time. I started cooking at a very young age. My mom was always in the kitchen my grandpa and dad always alongside the grill. I was always intrigued by the idea of taking a raw piece of something and creating a mouth watering dish.

I remember watching my grandpa making hamburgers, easy you think right? Not so much, see it’s not just grabbing a hunk of meat and patting it into a patty. No it’s taking a piece of perfectly seasoned meat, rolling it into a ball, taking that ball and slowing spinning and smashing and pushing till it’s just right. I remember my grandpa saying “don’t rush it, if the side aren’t perfect it will fall apart. Don’t touch it, let it cook, flip it once, let it rest!”
All these things showed me and taught me that cooking was a labor of love. Anyone can make a box of Mac n cheese, but not everyone can cook the perfect steak so that box of Mac n cheese has a home sitting next to the perfectly cooked steak!

So get out there, bring your family together, cook them some food, and bless them with your faith. And remember if you cook it, they will eat!


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