The Tail of my Meal!


Going to the grocery store and picking out the perfect steak all wrapped in plastic is the only meat some Americans will ever eat. For me and my Family that is an option, but not the only one. We choose to eat Wild Game meat, that I harvest myself, or my close friends harvest. There is nothing greater then waking up before the sun, hiking miles away from the nearest road and hearing your target animal calling in the distance. Those early morning Gobble’s while sitting still in your blind on the 1st day of spring turkey season, to the bugle of an elk on the crisp mornings were all you can see is the steam billowing out of his nose and mouth. For many Americans these sounds and sights will only be saw on TV or in some internet video. For myself and my close friends these sights and sounds are like opening the sunday paper and pulling out the grocery adds, you know dinner is within our reach.

Now that our meal has been seen or heard is when the real test begins. Do you have the patience, the perseverance, the drive to track down and harvest your target game?

People ask me all the time, “Jeremiah, isn’t it easier to buy meat rather then hunt meat” my response is if an easy meal is what i wanted then i would order Pizza. its not about being easier or harder, its about what I am putting into my families mouth. Do you want to give them warehouse processed meat? or healthy free ranged harvested by me meat? I choose the latter. This blog will follow my hunting and fishing. showing you recipes for game meats, picture of animals from field to the plate. I will show pictures of the stalk, hunt, harvest, processing, cooking and meals. I will have my friends who have the same passion, believes and ideas also post on this blog. I will also post pictures to Enjoy. I know I will.


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